Information we collect

Neither this website nor the apps collect any personal data.

The only data held in relation to the use of the apps is that held by Google as part of the Google Play transaction. That data will be governed by the Google Privacy Policy.

If you contact us by email, your email address will be stored in our mail application because we may store those emails. We will not intentionally pass this information to any third parties.

If you interact with us through social media, your data held by the social media organisation will be governed by their privacy policy. We will not initiate any direct contact through social media but may respond to interaction initiated by you.

How we use your information

We will not contact you for any reason unless you have contacted us first. Nor will we pass your information to any third parties.


This site does not use cookies.


The above policy states our standards for maintenance of your data. However, there may be factors beyond our control that may result in disclosure of data. We can offer no guarantees for the protection of your data.