AvDroid is an Android based app designed for devices running Android 4.1 or later. There is a paid version and free version (with reduced functionality).

It is also designed to run on devices of all screen sizes - including XL screens on tablet devices. The tools operate within scrolling  displays or with pop-up displays to show results. This has enabled the most flexible use of available space on a wide range of devices.

Note: The paid version of AvDroid is protected by Android Market Licencing. It will update the licence validity every day if started with a data connection available. However, the licence will only allow access for 10 days without an updated licence validity.

AvDroid v17.8.0

Bug Fix in Weather Chart Tool

Added Dynamic User Permission Handling

AvDroid v17.7.0

Added Flexible Flexible Fuel Density Values to Fuel Order and Refuel Check Tools

AvDroid v17.6.2

Minor Bug Fix in Wind Calculator Tool

AvDroid v17.6.1

Fixed Link to European Sig Weather Chart

AvDroid v17.6.0

Weather Tool can Download Multiple Airfields

AvDroid v17.5.3

Improved Map Viewer in Airfield Database Tool

AvDroid v17.5.2

Bug Fix for Weather Chart Tool

AvDroid v17.5.0

Additional Calculators Added to Whizz Wheel

AvDroid v17.4.0

Introduced Navigation Drawer for Tool List

AvDroid v17.3.9

Bug Fix to Reinstate METARs in Weather Getter Tool

AvDroid v17.3.8

Bug Fixes and Theme Refinements

AvDroid v17.3.7

Fixed Bug in Runway Editor in Airfield Database Tool

AvDroid v17.3.6

Improved Airfield Database Parsing

AvDroid v17.3.4

Minor Bug Fix

AvDroid v17.3.2

Bug Fix in Whizz Wheel Tool

AvDroid v17.3.1

Minor Bug Fix

AvDroid v17.3.0

Added Max Wind Wheel to Wind Calc Tool

AvDroid v17.2.0

Added Wind & Temperature Charts to Weather Chart Tool

AvDroid v17.1.1

Minor Bug Fix

Added Hold Calc Demo

AvDroid v17.1.0

Added Hold Calc Viewer

AvDroid v17.0.1

Minor Bug Fix

AvDroid v17.0.0

Metric Altimetry - New Tool Added

AvDroid v16.2.1

Weather Charts - Bug Fix for Dual Pane Display

AvDroid v16.2.0

Weather Charts - Improved Chart Viewer

AvDroid v16.1.0

Weather - Historic METARs Downloaded

Weather - Improved User Interface

AvDroid v16.0.0

Hold Calculator - Tool Added

AvDroid v15.0.0

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator - Tool Added

AvDroid v14.1.0

Weight & Balance - Many Improvements

AvDroid v14.0.0

UI - Re-written with Action Bars Fully Implemented

AvDroid v13.0.0

Weather Getter - Further Improved Text Formatting

Weight and Balance - New Tool Added

AvDroid v12.5.0

Weather Getter - Further Improved Text Formatting

Snowtam/Runway State - Updated UI

Ice/Turb - Updated UI

Snowtam/Runway State - SNOWTAM Decode Reference

Whizz Wheel - Pressure & Distance Conversions

Weather Getter - Runway State Reports Decode

AvDroid Settings - Text Colour Option for Autofill Fields

AvDroid v12.4.0

Improved Tool Re-Order List

Improved Text Format in Weather Getter

AvDroid v12.3.0

Added Ability to Re-Order Tool List (Android 3.0+)

AvDroid v12.2.0

Improved SigWx Chart Selection

AvDroid v12.1.0

Improved Fuel Density/SG Conversions in Whizz Wheel Tool

AvDroid v12.0.1

Minor Bug Fix

AvDroid v12.0.0

Great Circle Calcs Tool Added

AvDroid v11.1.0

Google Cloud Messaging added

AvDroid v11.0.0

Quick Perf tool added

AvDroid v10.1.0

Background loaders reliability improved

AvDroid v10.0.0

Briefing Buddy tool added

AvDroid v9.0.0

Weather Chart tool added

AvDroid v8.4.0

Added airfield map viewer to Airfield Database tool

AvDroid v8.3.0

Added fuel density conversions to Whizz Wheel tool

Clarified labels in Fuel Order & Refuel Check tools

AvDroid v8.2.0

Alternative Airfield Database resource made available to user

Airfield Database parsers further refined

AvDroid v8.1.0

Parser classes added to use alternative Airfield Database online resource

AvDroid v8.0.4

Added temporary message about problems with Airfield Database online resource

AvDroid v8.0.3

Fixed bug affecting labels in Fuel Order tool

AvDroid v8.0.2

Fixed bug affecting some XL screens

AvDroid v8.0.0

Re-written code to accommodate Android fragments architecture for user interface

Numerous bug fixes & improvements

AvDroid v7.2.0

Improved & standardised user interface

Improved flight management in Logbook Assistant

Improved aircraft management in Underload Calculator

Improved list management in various tools

AvDroid v7.1.0

Convcalculations added to Whizz Wheel tool

Whizz Wheel layout improved

AvDroid v7.0.0

Whizz Wheel flight computer tool added

AvDroid v6.1.2

Bug fix when saving airfield data

Minor layout improvements

AvDroid v6.1.1

Minor bug fix for Logbook export

AvDroid v6.1.0

Improved background task processing

AvDroid v6.0.2

Data parsing refined in Weather Getter & Airfield Database

AvDroid v6.0.1

Error in file paths corrected

AvDroid v6.0.0

Airfield Database tool added

AvDroid v5.2.0

File Manager added to manage log, weather & NOTAM files.

Bug fix in File Manager.

AvDroid v5.1.0

File Manager added to Logbook Assistant

AvDroid v5.0.0

Logbook Assistant added

Minor improvements to user interface

AvDroid v4.2.2

Updated Weather Getter for new web enquiry format.

AvDroid v4.2.0

Added max fuel load calculation to Underload Calculator.

AvDroid v4.1.0

Added RoD table to CDA Calculator.

AvDroid v4.0.0

Added Underload Calculator tool.

AvDroid v3.1.2

Added options menu softkey to system bar on Honeycomb devices.

AvDroid v3.1.1

Improved layouts for XL screen devices

AvDroid v3.1.0

Added ability to load, save & delete data in Weather Getter & NOTAM Getter.

Added ability to delete log files.

AvDroid v3.0.1

Minor interface changes

AvDroid v3.0.0

Added Arrival Fuel Check tool

AvDroid v2.1.0

Updated Weather Getter URL

Added screen timeout inhibit to various tools

Code tidying & correction of typos

AvDroid v2.0.0

Inclusion of NOTAM Getter

AvDroid v1.0.1

Minor bug fix

AvDroid v1.0.0

Launched June 2011